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    • Gisborne

      The Conjuring 2 Film

      the conjuring 2 streaming - http://theconjuringonline.com. The real life paranormal investigations of Lorraine and Ed Warren made it to the big screen hit The Conjuring. Last year, a report surfaced this picture may also tie in with another well-known instance the Warren's investigated, the Amity...

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      • Gisborne

        View The Terrifying First Trailer For The Conjuring 2

        Sequel to 2013's The Conjuring.Director James Wan brings this supernatural thriller to the screen with another real case in the files of distinguished demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren.. Reprising their roles, Patrick Wilson star and Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga as Lorraine and Ed Warren, who, i...

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        • Gisborne

          Teaser Trailer (2016)

          New Line Cinema's supernatural thriller The Conjuring 2, with James Wan (Angry 7) once again at the helm following the record breaking success of The Conjuring, brings to the screen another actual case from the files of famous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. Only when you thought The Conjur...

          Tags: the conjuring 2 full movie, the conjuring 2 streaming