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Multi-award winning producer seems to be ready to settle down, as he has taken to social media to write this intriguing issue to Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji.image Nigerian singer and producer, Don Jazzy might have indirectly proposed to Linda Ikeji following the surprising engagement announcement among singer, Banky W and actress Adesua Etomi.image Don Jazzy had in an Instagram web page hinted that he was looking for a woman to act his personal film because it is now the easiest way to get easily hitched. Soon after that, he went to Twitter to ask Linda Ikeji to be the lady to act with him. Persons are now insinuating that Don Jazzy could have indirectly expressed his desires to be with Linda Ikeji. Dear @LindaIkeji I wrote one particular film script like that. I will be the lead actor in it.

Linda Ikeji, Queen (you may well as properly say King) of blogging. Wealthy, successful and sitting fairly at the leading, she holds a single of the most coveted title in Nigeria ideal now. Her shoot to stardom has got us doing a lot of math and brain function on how a prevalent blogger was in a position to afford a mansion in Banana Island for a lot more than half a billion naira. Well, that alone tells us that she isn’t a "common" blogger anymore is she? A graduate of UNILAG turned model turned blogger has carved a niche for herself and from the look of issues she’s here to keep.

I have a lot of respect for her, I should add. How in heaven’s name did she make all that cash? For her to have spent more than half a billion naira on a house did that mean she had a triple of that in the bank? These and quite a few additional plagued the minds of most Nigerians. Prior to this she had been in the news severally for having misunderstandings with various entertainers like comedienne Princess, music artiste Olamide of YBNL, Richard Mofe-Damijo just to mention a couple of. It is safe to say Linda doesn’t have quite a few good friends in the entertainment industry due to the fact of the compromise it will bring about to her blog. So back to her finances, we over here have accomplished a little homework on how she arrived at her existing worth.

Can you think that? Okay, so let us inform you how we arrived at this figure. Don't forget for the duration of the election when she had a homepage takeover by PDP, properly sources say that is where she created a chunk of her revenue from. She was paid in millions of naira for that quick time frame. Also, Linda Ikeji’s weblog rakes in over a million views per page. Get this proper, we’re not saying her complete blog gets only a million views a day, we’re saying that for every single news content she puts up it generates over 1 million views every day. How do these views translate into the significant bucks you might ask. That is where Google Adsense comes to play. Google pays for the amount of site visitors your website generates.

To calculate the Adsense , you have to have to understand the daily traffic statistics. The much more website traffic a internet site generates, the far more cash in it for the blogger. Then advert prices are not excluded as well. She also charges at least N50,000 for featured/ sponsored posts and this charge is mostly out of familiarity or due to an acquaintance. It could cost far more for an individual totally new. You do the math and think about how several sponsored posts she gets in a day then multiply that by 7 days in a week. As seen above, this is a rough estimate of what she earns from adverts month-to-month.

This substantially information is what we can vouch for and deem accurate. There could be other sources of revenue which she has that we do not know about. As for her philanthropic functions, she has a project named I’ll Rather Be Self Made, No thanks which aids young women with brilliant suggestions to turn into their own boss. Her Monday giveaways on her blog aren’t forgotten either. How impressive that she would do all these in the little time that she’s amounted to something. So subsequent time when she splurges on these Hermes bags and Giuseppe Zannoti shoes or perhaps she buys the 2016 Variety Rover Sport, please give her a break? The girl’s worked difficult!

Oh ye rappers, I have moved on to higher factors. I will see you in a jiffy. That was the first point that came to my thoughts when I study the news, to be sincere. Our dearest Aunty Linda has moved on to higher factors - she’s decided to expand her business enterprise to consist of other regions asides from blogging. Linda produced the announcement yesterday in a blogpost saying she’s producing 4 new brands - an on the web Tv network (Linda Ikeji Tv), an on the net radio station (Linda Ikeji Radio), a music website (Linda Ikeji Music), and anything called "LIS". All these brands will be beneath a enormous Linda Ikeji Media brand. Though I can not specifically give Linda props for creativity when it comes to naming her business, I need to admit she has taste (or at least her interior decorator does).

I imply, have you seen the space she’s built to property these brands? It is quite neat. She’s got a Tv studio, a dressing/makeup space, and a work space - all that is left is the personnel and staff.image Linda Ikeji has been somewhat of a sensation because she got that N500 million home in Banana Island and persons started to wonder where she got her funds from (due to the fact it COULDN’T have been just blogging, yeah?). We did a statistical evaluation of how she rose to fame and the one thing that stood out was consistency. Linda has been consistently blogging considering the fact that 2006, and her blog didn’t pick up till late 2011 - that’s nearly 6 years of speaking to the desert with out providing up. Her consistency created way for actual paper to be coming in. If you assume Linda couldn’t have afforded that residence from "just blogging", feel once more. A breakdown of how Linda Ikeji makes her millions shows she tends to make approximately N50 million a month from sponsored posts, custom ads, Google advertisements, prime banners and web page takeovers. Our Linda has large dreams and this is just the starting. One particular of her long term targets is to have a cable Television channel, so I guess it is safe to say Linda Ikeji is on her way to becoming a media mogul.

In 2012, she was dating Yoruba major guy. She exposed once that, earlier she was blackmailed for dollars. Once over the bling blings in Dubai, she spent more than a million in just a minute. At the age of 17, she started functioning as a model, waitress, and writer for supporting her poor household. In 1998, she started modeling. She recruited a variety of models and educated them. She quit her modeling agency in 2005. She still has the agency. She didn’t get sufficient money from these works. Whilst in UNILAG, she began modeling in the entertainment sector. She started modeling for various brands.image She worked incredibly really hard and began her personal business of media, Black Dove communication. The name Black Dove communication is her preferred colour black and favorite Bird Dove.

She worked very challenging to attain such a massive height. In 2007, she began blogging. Just following five years, her weblog becomes the most visited blog in the Africa. She delivers news, gossip, entertainment news and other facts as nicely regularly. Her blog gets thousands of visitors each day. She got the title of Queen of Blogging. She constantly focused on her weblog and got so a great deal profit immediately after 5 years. She got millions of users monthly. In 2012, she got 20 thousand customers every day. In 2014, she got about 1 lakh operation every day. She has also written many motivational books. She is 1 of the highest earning blogs in Nigeria.

Her weblog is the fantastic source of news. US dollars as of 2017. She earned such a wealth from her blogging career.image She constantly gifted high priced present like car or truck and homes to her close to and dear. She purchased 2 houses for her parents at N30 Million. She gifted vehicles of about N50 Million to her loved ones. She earns N19.five million month-to-month from the adverts and N12,237,750 month-to-month from the Adsense Revenues. She also has money which is not less than N500 million. Linda Ikeji’s home: She bought Banana Island of 700 square feet at N600 million. Her big and beautiful property has three floors, two living rooms, pool, cinema, and 6 bedrooms. Awards and Achievements: In 2013, she won the Nigeria Blog Awards NBA for the Ideal Entertainment Blog. Linda Ikeji is extremely humble and hardworking. She worked quite tough from her childhood to attain such a terrific height. She is down to earth and open minded as well. She is really wise and beautiful. She knows how to make funds. Now, she is the function model for the youth. Her story is an inspiration to many individuals on the earth.

Aside from permitting you to share memories, join with buddies, study breaking data from Linda Ikeji's weblog, you could moreover make dollars on the Linda Ikeji Social community. You can earn money by submitting stories on Linda Ikeja social. LIS will spend you N1,000 per authorized story. On your story to be authorized for expense, it have got to be extraordinary and lengthy-established. Payments will replicate within the "wallet" section of your LIS profile. Assume, submitting 10 distinctive information and facts or stories to LIS in a day. To post fantastic facts on LIS, sign in and click on on "submit Story" button. You might also generate earnings by way of the Organization web page you make on LIS.

According to Linda Ikeji, in case your LIS organization page has at least 50,000 followers, LIS will use your page to advertise items and offerings for her clientele. As a result, you are going to get a share of what advertisers spend LIS to advertise on the platform. You are going to get 20% of a thing advertisers pay for every single banner. If your business enterprise internet web page followers get to a one hundred,000, two banners can be placed on your page and you will earn double of the quantity i.e x2 of the 20% per banner. Just about every week, LIS will be giving out money, prizes, recharge cards and other mighty freebies etc So, that is an extra manner that you would be capable to generate profits on LIS. You have to be a aspect of the group to learn what LIS shall be giving for no cost. Just click on on the "Giveaways" button to understand what is up.

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  • March 2017 at 12:42

This is an old interview that was performed by Punch in 2015, but it resurfaced after Linda Ikeji became trendy on social media more than her fight with Nigerian international artiste, Wizkid. OAP, Dan Foster shared dirty specifics of his failed partnership with Linda. He mentioned She was in enjoy with him but he was dating about three ladies then. He said when he even married is wife, Linda nonetheless continued to extended for him but he saved her number with distinctive codes on his telephone which his wife always end up acquiring out.. She was in enjoy with me. But it didn’t operate out", Foster now married with young children tells the newspaper.

I took her for granted and I was dating one more individual although I was dating her. I attempted to hold a partnership in Abuja, a further in Warri whilst she (Linda Ikeji) was in Lagos. Why did you marry a Nigerian? My father told me that my ex had moved on. In reality, he told me then that she looked heavy. I asked what he meant and I was told she was pregnant. I knew she had genuinely moved on. But then, I didn’t marry once more till almost 4 or 5 years later. I was taking my time just after that. It wasn’t something I wanted to jump into.

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