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Bet9ja mobile rewards agents, staff

In recognition of their partronage and dedication to making Bet9ja.com Nigeria’s number one sports betting company,
the company honoured some outstanding staff and agents during its 2015 End-of-the-year party and awards
night in Lagos .

In what was a highly thrilling and well organised
event, staff, agents and customers of KC Gaming Network, operators of
Bet9ja.com, went home with various gifts and also received awards in various categories.

In his address, the Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Ayo Ojuroye praised the company’s customers and agents for their loyalty and
commitment in 2015.

"We are very happy with your performance in 2015, hence the need to appreciate your efforts. Without your hardwork and dedication, we won’t be here today. You, agents, customers and staff have done absolutely well and we really thank you for this. We are excited that through your efforts, BetNaija has grown in leaps and bounds.

The Executive Chairman, Kunle Soname presented the employee of the year award to Ernest Abanum while Akin Akerele won the award for the Manager of the year.

Ace comedian, Seyi Law thrilled guests with rib-cracking jokes to the delight of the guests, while music fan’s favourite, Sean Tizzle held the crowd spell bound with the rendition of various tracks from his top of the hit album, ‘Loke Loke’

Then Oritsefemi’s performance had everyone on their feet with his Double Wahala track and Igbeyawo as the guests asked for more from him.

Bet9ja.com has achieved tremendous success in Nigeria’s betting industry in less than four years of operation, with offices in more than 19 states and with the highest winning bonus. .

Bet9ja Rewards Winners

In fulfillment of its promise to always reward her winners, sport betting company, Bet9ja, has doled out various cash prices to winners from last weekend.

According to Bet9ja mobile CEO, Ayo Ojuroye, "we have paid all our winners from last weekend in line
with our promise of paying promptly. We congratulate all our lucky winners that emerged over the weekend.
We assure them that we will never fail to pay their
winnings in line with our promise to them.

In less than two years of doing sports betting business in Nigeria,
Bet9ja.com has displayed a high sense of integrity through prompt payment of winnings.

He assured all agents and punters that they will continue to serve them with a
high sense of responsibility. Ojuroye further said "We thank our agents for their hard work and dedication towards making the top sports betting company in the country. We will continue to protect them from undue risk. As we demonstrated last weekend, we will never deny them their benefits."

Sports betting is big in Nigeria

In our special report this week, we look at the cultural force the gambling has become for a
helpless citizenry.

Nigerians love their football. Local or international.
Everyone knows that.

And in the past few years, they have been putting their monies where
their mouths are.

In less than six years, Nigeria has witnessed
a gigantic leap in the number of football viewing centers and
an almost proportional number of sports betting shops that cater to the needs of
thousands of fans willing to stack money on their favorite
football club or team.

The country has become home to an increasing number of
neo-modern betting (gaming) companies that are taking full advantage of the
high internet penetration in Nigeria and its large
population of young (and not-so young) people that are not just passionate about football but eager at the possibility of making millions
from a small amount of money.

But betting is not limited to football only.

In 2015, punters placed their bets on the outcome of the Nigerian presidential elections.
The outcome of the 2013 conclave, which saw the emergence of Pope Francis I after the resignation of
his predecessor, was betted on. As the American election draws closer, punter will also
be interested in betting on who will win the election.

In today’s world, everything can be gambled on.

How it works

"The whole system works on what we call odds -it’s like points. If two teams are playing the stronger team gets less point than the weaker team. If you’re banking on the weaker team, you’ll win more," Adekunle Adeniji, Manager of Virtual games at
Bet9ja and owner of several betting shops, explains
to me.

Punters predict the outcome of a particular game, often stacking money
on a particular event occurring during a march. Possible events
to bet for in a game include: the final score, a draw,
first to score, throw in, time of goal score, first to foul,
amongst several other possible events in a game.

On the surface it appears to be a game of luck – almost
like throwing a dice – but Adeniji points out that betting is all about
skill and deep understanding of the game.

"It just all about prediction," he says. "Before you can place a bet you must at least know the statistics of the team you are betting on."

Correct predictions are rewarded with monetary winnings depending on the odds of the event predicted occurring in a
game and the amount of money stacked. The odds are multiplied against the
amount staked to arrive the prize money.

Dotun Ajegbile, the Managing Director of 1960bet, points out that betting "is actually, more or less, like a game of skill. You can’t predict when some punters will actually make money."

While most seasoned punters and gamers agree that not all punters will
actually make money from bets, earning money from football games
is an opportunity most football enthusiasts cannot pass up.

The business of betting

Other forms of betting, like pool and lotto, have existed before the introduction of modern sports gaming as
we know it. In a few years, sports gaming have successfully eclipsed all other forms
of betting both in the amount of revenue generated and the number of
people it attracts.

Betting companies, towing the line of their superiors in the west, have invested millions of dollar into the gaming sector and have set up infrastructures needed for gaming and an interesting affiliate/retail system that
ensures that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic background and location, can have access to betting facilities.

Springing up in several locations within urban and rural communities are retail sports betting shops that serve
as affiliates for betting companies – a sort of middlemen between the companies and

"Somebody who owns a shop or is in the business should not play," Adeniji says.
"It’s just like you’re selling marijuana, you are not supposed to take out of it because you’ll end up taking all of it. Most shop owners end up losing their business because they want to play."

Aided by the massive increase in internet penetration within Nigeria, punters can now eliminate the middlemen and place their bets directly on the website of companies.
But Ajegbile says that even though the "online penetration has really helped the industry," a vast majority of bets
placed aren’t done online but through the retail
outlets of the betting shops.

He estimated a ratio of 70:30 for offline (through retail shops)
and online betting.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

And Ajibile sees nothing wrong in any of it, for an industry that
he claims has employed over 10,000 Nigerians – and created millionaires, literally overnight.

"The industry is very profitable," says Ajegbile.
"What shape the economy is taking, betting will forever remain betting. If the economy is good, people place bets. If the economy is bad, people will always place bet."

Breaking down the numbers, he estimates that about one thousand bets pass
through the system of 1960bets every five minutes but at pike
periods – which are usually an hour to the games – it could go up to 1,500 bets per minute,
with the amount stacked ranging from a hundred naira to millions of naira.

Indeed, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in 2014, estimated that about 60 million Nigerians bet
over N1.4 billion daily. But as Ademola Adebajo, CEO of Stakersden, told Ventures Africa
in 2015, punters stake about five billion naira daily.

Five billion.

Let that sink in.

Regulating the market

In Lagos, 10 million naira is the maximum possible win but outside of the state, the maximum
is 50 million.

"For now very few states does serious regulation," says the 1960Bet MD.
"Very few states. Some states, especially in the east, gambling is not well regulated. The regulators are yet to get their acts right and it is really telling on the industry."

He is quick to point out that regulation is not the anymore:
"Some of us (betting companies) don’t want to work in an unregulated market because in an unregulated market everything goes."

A regulated market checkmates gambling addiction by having companies
monitor the betting pattern of punters and ensure that punters do not bring
fraudulent money into the system.

A gigantic increase in the amount of money staked by a punter usually sets off alarm
bells about addiction or fraudulently obtained funds, so betting
companies are expected to monitor for unusual pattern and bring it to the attention of authorities and also ensure that persons
less than the age of 18 do not gamble.

Also known as the Good Causes Fund, the Lagos State Lottery Distribution Fund (DTF) was set
up by the Lagos state lottery board to administer "revenue generated from the gaming activities in the state."

According to its website:

"The DTF is applied to projects in the environment, education, social and health, and infrastructure sectors of the economy. Projects executed with the fund are called "good causes
projects" while taxes paid from lottery sales are known as good causes money."

In 2015, parts of the DTF was used by the state government to
purchase three helicopters, fifteen armored personnel carriers (APCs), two gunboats, 165 vehicles and others security equipment at a cost of N4.765 for the state police.

What the future holds

According to a PwC report, the gross gambling revenue in Nigeria is projected to grow at
an annual rate of 8.5 percent to reach $69.9 million in 2019,
making it the fastest growing sector in Nigeria. The report predicted
that the industry will also outgrow the gambling industry in Kenya and South Africa.

This is not going away anytime soon, wherever you stand on the side of the
argument about its merits.

"In the next three to five years, some of us are beginning to take the position of taking our companies public," Ajegbile says with a confidence that can be unsettling.
"Betting is very big, very, very big."

BetNaija Promotion Code

Bet9ja.com is now the biggest online wagering site, from Nigeria, which is
now the biggest economy in Africa. This makes it an important operation that has a massive potential
market, and they have delivered a 'full service' with sports betting, a casino, lottery,
racing and virtual games all provided.

As the biggest operator, they can also offer the biggest prizes,
with up to 20 Million Naira in winnings possible, and you can start trying
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Whether you are in Nigeria or beyond, the great range of sports and casino games can be experienced when you sign up through
JohnnyBet, with the Bet9ja mobile betting site welcoming you with their biggest and best bonus deals.

Betnaija sports

The Sports Betting section is laid out to be easy to use for those who have never wagered online before, while featuring a hugely
diverse range of games and possible bet configurations suitable for highly experienced punters as well.
Soccer from around the world is carried, with all the big leagues from England,
Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil and around the globe being offered.
Other sports include Tennis, Basketball, Rugby, Motorsports, Cricket and Baseball among others,
with bet options like Double Chances, Multiples, Over/Under Odds, Handicap and so on.

Live betting is extensively featured, with up to the minute odds available for on-going events, with Soccer again being heavily featured,
but many other sports covered as well.

Various promotions are open to you when signing up via JohnnyBet links,
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The actual offers vary from time to time, depending on what
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Virtual Sports

Virtual games are played out using software rather than real competitors, with
each event designed to be completely fair to
give payers the best chances of winning their bets.
Soccer, Horse Racing, Tennis and Dog Racing are all featured,
and this can be an excellent way to enjoy your
favourite sports even if no real events are taking place.
These can all be accessed without needing a Bet9ja promo code.


Running on high quality software, the casino at Bet9ja.com has a great looking collection of slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Red Dog
and Dice games, that use the respected and trusted Microgaming Quickfire platform.

Slots are popular around the world, and the Bet9ja
collection are certain to please, with games
like Jewels of Anubis, Manga Beach, The Don and Dragon 88 covering ancient
Egypt, Japanese animation, organised crime and symbols of good fortune.
Each game has extra rounds with big payouts, as well as great
graphics, smooth animations and, like all of the casino titles,
no need to download any software before
starting to play them.

Rounding out the games are the lotto and scratchcards rounds that can bring quick wins to whoever plays them, and
with everything certified as fair and above board, players will be
collecting those wins frequently.

Bet9ja Casino welcomes you with various bonuses and promotions when you sign up through JohnnyBet links, but
in common with the sports betting section, these change quite
frequently, so it's best to check on the site to see what offers are currently available.
What is certain however, is that you don't
need a Bet9ja promo code during registration to claim the best deals, providing
you have used the unique links on JohnnyBet that guarantee
the best treatment.

A comprehensive Betnaija mobile site lets people enjoy all the action on smartphones and tablets, with BetNaija games being
adapted for ease of play on the smaller screens.

Fully licensed across Nigeria, with security guaranteed,
players can deposit using internationally recognised credit and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard, plus local payment
solutions including Naria debit card, UBA, Xpath and GT Bank, with
winnings paid back to you via bank transfer.

Customer support are based in Lagos and on hand to help out with any aspect of
using the site. With no promotion code BetNaija needed, you can be up and running in just
a few minutes when using JohnnyBet links to join this progressive site.

Another first for Bet9ja: Bet9ja mobile supports Nigerian as he breaks Guinness world record

As if giving away N36 million in a ground shattering payout the previous week was not
enough, BetNaija help set a world record yesterday as they
supported Nigerian footballer Harrison Chinedu’s dream in his bid to break the Guinness World record of
"farthest distance walked with a ball on the head".

The ball juggler eventually broke the record yesterday as he set out
from the Redeemed Camp grounds on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway,
along with various media houses and representatives from the sports ministry at about
8am in the morning.

His journey took him through the central district of Lagos and
eventually ended at the National stadium in Surulere, after which he still required to run around the stadium a total of
22 laps to break and set a new record.

Bet9ja.com Brand Custodian, Mr. Tunji Meshioye, had this to say:

"This is what Betnaija is all about. Supporting and rewarding the passion of our own homegrown talent. It takes a lot of passion and commitment for Chinedu to achieve what he has achieved today and we are delighted to be part of this historic moment."

With his new record of 48.04km, Harrison Chinedu successfully broke the previous record set of 45.
64km that was set in 2014 by Indian soldier NaibSubedar Azad Singh.

Betnaija Promotion Code: MAXPROMO

At bettingexpert we always want to give you the best possible start and insights into everything we review and it's
certainly no different here with Betnaija sports betting.
We have an exclusive Bet9ja mobile promotion code MAXPROMO that you can use when you go to sign up and enter it into the 'Promotion Code' box (as shown in the above image).

This code and Bet9ja bonus offer will entitle you to a
100% first deposit bonus up to a maximum of 100,000 Naira (Nigerian currency).

If you're visiting from outside of Nigeria then you'll probably notice that the sportsbook only allows players from
Nigeria to sign up at this current time (if this changes in the future we'll be sure
to let you know right here).

Bet9ja Review

For those in Europe the chances are you've never
heard of Betnaija sports betting, but for those in Nigeria this is without doubt a sportsbook that gives you a lot of great options to bet.
It features all the major sporting events internationally.
As we've already said, BetNaija is exclusively available to punters in Nigeria at this
time so does a limited audience mean a limited product?
Not at all as there's plenty of great betting markets available, with
tennis, basketball, handball, cycling, hockey, motor
sports, golf, snooker, darts, cricket, rugby and of course football just
some of the major betting choices for you
to select from.


Bet9ja.com have a new game! Super9ja is
here, and gives registered users the chance to win 100,000,000 Naira!
For a chance to win the jackpot, you have to pick ten correct
winning scores. Eight or nine winning scores could net you a mini jackpot too!

Available on both desktop and mobile, the game is free if you
register with Bet9ja.com and have a verified mobile phone number.
Every Bet9ja user gets one free ticket to participate, unless there are special promotions.
As well as the jackpot and mini jackpots,
there are also 20 weekly consolation prizes so don't miss out,
register with Bet9ja now!

Bet9ja.com Football

If you're looking for lots of competitive football betting odds, especially on European leagues like the English Premier League then you're in luck.
The sportsbook has really good odds and also great combination bets
such as first goalscorer and half-time/full-time.
In the Bet9ja mobile live betting the football odds change right up to the 90th minute
of the game. Then come Saturday there can be as many as 10,000 different bets on-offer for you to immerse yourself in.

Betting on Racing

You'll notice at the top of the website a tab for 'Racing', but it's not quite what you'd expect.
You are presented with two icons for horse racing and dog racing, both of which are virtual and take place
every few minutes. This is a fun option as you're always going to have something to do, especially good if you have a little money in your account and potentially
could make a nice little profit. A fun feature, but it's a shame the real-thing is not available here at Betnaija.

Bet9ja mobile Live Streaming Sports

After carefully scouring through the sportsbook and FAQ
section there's no sign of any kind of live streaming feature
here. However you can take advantage of the BetNaija livescore centre where you can follow all games / sports live
and find facts, stats and form guides to aid your betting.
If you really want a bookmaker with live tv games then you can read
up on live streaming and the best places to find it in our
bettingexpert guide.

The only way to withdraw at Bet9ja.com sports
betting is via bank transfer. Despite the lack of options at least there are no
fees attached to this, as well as a relatively quick turnover of just 24 hours back in to your bank account.
There's a minimum of 5000 Naira that you can withdraw at any one time.
If you need any further assistance with these banking options just get in touch with the customer support at the

Customers can get in-touch with a member of the support staff directly via the email address
cs@myBet9ja.com, or perhaps you can reach out to them voice-to-voice on the phone by dialling 01- 4405145.
There's also a featured live chat option for players in Nigeria,
this is always our preferred option, this pretty much guarantees quick answers to any problems you may

You might also be interested to know that when you can also play online casino games
to compliment your sports and events betting here at
Bet9ja.com. You can read our full Bet9ja
Casino review at bettingexpert and see what it can offer you and your wallet!
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Bet9ja.com Promotion Code & Verdict

There's a lot to like about this Nigerian sportsbook, with a great range of markets and lots of potential for punters to bet on the polarising English Premier
League. The omission of racing betting is a bit of a shame but they do try to limit the damage
by offering virtual betting in this market so we have to give them kudos for
this. As it's pretty much restricted to those in Nigeria we can't mark it up
massively, but it is a solid choice and it does look very
good visually. So if you can, don't forget to use the BetNaija
promotion code: MAXPROMO when signing up via bettingexpert.

Betnaija customer goes home with N13m win

Is this luck or common what? A customer who placed a bet
on a football match with N500 just landed himself a game windfall of N13m.

Bet9ja prides itself as " the number one bookmaker in Nigeria. Sports betting odds, Casino, racing and virtual sports games."

Betnaija Marketing & Corporate Communications manager, Tunji Meshioye, in a comment on the winning said: 'BetNaija is the leading betting brandwhen it
comes to making huge pay days like this to our players.
We don’t beat about the bush. You play on our platform, you win, we pay.

No stories. Bet9ja’s reputation is based on prompt payment and our
players know this. We don’t waste time.'

He did not reveal the details of the winner for confidentiality

Sport betting in Nigeria: An unlikely source of revenue and jobs

In Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre, Lagos, shanty wooden structures with a number of benches, a television and a satellite dish
are common sight. These venues, popularly called ‘viewing centres’, offer a bulk of the football-mad population in the city a chance to watch the European football league games, usually for less than a
dollar. As the popularity of these matches grew in the
early 2000s, so did the presence of these viewing centres.

On match-days, these places are usually packed with passionate
fans sporting replica jerseys and rooting for their favourite
teams but more recently, a keen observer might notice fans at viewing centres clutching a white piece of paper – a ‘ticket’.
Tickets are printed copies of selected games on which bets are
placed and since late 2012, they have become more prominent in the
Nigerian football landscape as sport betting is now very
popular. Despite the notion that sport betting kicked off in Nigeria only recently,
the earliest sport betting firms recorded their first entry into
the market in 2007.

Generally, sport betting involves punters predicting the outcome of matches
and getting their bets to correspond with the stakes. If the predictions are correct, the bets are rewarded with stipulated winnings.
In Nigeria, where there are millions of incredibly passionate
football fans, sport betting has found its proverbial home.

Ultimately, fans began to explore the real possibility of
not just watching football but also making money from these games played thousands of miles away.
For fans who watch football as a leisurely pastime, the
ability to make money out of it has presented an opportunity
too good to pass up.

Money is the name of the game

Typically, fans are used to hosting heated discussions on the monstrous weekly wages of their favourite footballers but sport betting has turned that conversation on its head.

Football fans now discuss their earnings from bets as the sport has become a viable source of income.

Every other weekend, betting companies announce big
winnings from bets placed with amounts as low as N100 (50 cents)

The possibility of raking in millions from meagre amounts is enough motivation for punters across the country to bet on a daily basis and as a result, betting companies record hugely impressive numbers.
Ademola Adebajo, CEO of Stakersden, a leading
betting company in Lagos, projects that daily stakes run into billions
of Naira.

"Currently, we believe daily bets have reached five billion naira ($25 million) cumulatively across all the betting companies. Punters in the country are currently seeing this as a source of daily bread and it is not uncommon to see people appropriating a certain amount for betting daily," Adebajo said.

Despite Nigeria’s high levels of poverty and unemployment,
punters cut across various demographics regardless of earning powers.

According to Adebajo, low income earning punters spend between N200 ($1) and N1000 ($5)
on bets while high income earners, tagged ‘big ticket customers’ spend thousands more, although these big ticket customers are firmly in the minority.

A pot of gold

In recent years, as Nigeria has become a thriving market, sports betting firms have sought
to latch on and capture market share to various degrees of success.

The default business model sees the companies set up shop
in a central working office while seeking to establish
a wide network of affiliate agents who open brick and mortar shops where
customers can come in to place bets. For their part in the business chain, affiliate shop owners, or agents as they are
formally known, earn commissions on the bets placed in their
shops. While the offline component thrives, sports betting companies also operate an online business model exploiting Nigeria’s internet penetration.

Last month, the Nigerian Communications Commission announced
that internet users in the country had reached 97 million. With more than half of the country online, betting companies
recognize the need to establish viable online operations.

For this purpose, websites are set up for punters to
open personal accounts from which they conduct transactions
ranging from depositing funds into an online wallet,
placing bets and transferring winnings earned from bets to
their bank accounts. While some companies explore both models aggressively, others
like NairaBet simply choose to remain predominantly online models thus sidestepping the financial and logistical implications
of setting up and running a large-scale offline model.

The first step however, is purchasing a betting license at an annual cost of N10 million ($50,000) from regulators.
Even though the cost of kick-starting operations is high,
betting firms still require deep pockets to pay out winnings from punters which can sometimes
run into hundreds of millions in a single weekend, cumulatively.

In fact, the inability to pay up promptly after
big wins has been known to cause major embarrassment for betting companies and on some
occasions, eventual closure. Last May, on a weekend that
saw few upsets and most predicted results clicking, punters
on Bet9ja.com, the market leader in the sport betting space were said to have garnered up to N700 million ($3.5m) in winning bets.
To its credit, Betnaija paid promptly- a feat
that cannot be matched by some other firms.
However, weekends like those are few and far between and more often than not, the betting companies make healthy profits and record enviable numbers.

Clearly, the business landscape is changing rapidly as betting firms compete aggressively for market share.
According to Adebajo of Stakersden, betting companies with real goals of domination can no longer play small.
"We started with a few local companies but right now, the business is moving from a low budget enterprise to one where scale is of the essence. Companies like BetNaija have come into the market to redefine how sport betting should be done and every operator is reacting to the developments," he said.
"The business landscape has moved from trying to open a corner shop somewhere and offer betting services to people. The big companies are constantly innovating and upping the ante in the industry. New entrants will need significant start-up capital to measure up."

The need for innovation has seen companies seek ways to make betting easier and less restrictive for
punters as live phone betting services have been launched.
Stakersden has also recently launched a new service in collaboration with leading telecoms firms.

While some think the Nigerian market is already saturated and can no
longer evolve, Adebajo says the next stage of evolution will be
fuelled by foreign investment. "Foreign companies have been licensed to operate here and more are expecting to secure licenses or to partner with local operators. So in the next 5 years, we expect to see foreign companies taking a chunk of the shareholding of some of these companies to compete."

An unlikely solution

Given Nigeria’s high unemployment figures, the creation of jobs
by the private sector is critical and in this regard, the impact of
sport betting has been profound. With some big companies running nationwide operations, while other
focus on maximizing their reach regionally, the industry
has created thousands of jobs directly and indirectly.
Big companies have staff strength running
into hundreds but through their associate networks, they offer agents a source of livelihood through affiliate
partnerships as they earn money through commissions.
Joseph Chukwu, a graduate and shop owner in Ikorodu, says sport betting has been a lifesaver.
"There are no jobs in the country even for qualified graduates," he said.
"Rather than sit on my thumbs, I decided to set up my shop as an agent and earn money through commissions. Initially I thought of it as something to do while something bigger came along but now I’m focusing on building a chain of shops and being a mogul of sorts. It may sound crazy but I’ve gone from looking for a job to actually building a business."

Adebajo thinks the employment issues and high rate of poverty means
that the chance to earn a living from sports betting can hardly be ignored.
"Majority of Nigerians live below the poverty line and any activity that can legitimately turn a small amount of money into large sums will always be appealing." Adebajo’s
sentiments are backed by the many instances
when Nigerians have fallen victim to fraudulent multi-level
marketing and pyramid schemes. Given the legitimacy of sport betting,
its appeal is ostensible.

In less than a decade, the sport betting industry has grown vastly and become not just a source of income for many
Nigerian punters but also large job creation vehicle.

Ordinarily, Nigerians are happy to watch football and celebrate the goals and other magical
moments but these days, they do so knowing that
every goal counts for something and win, lose or draw the
outcome of the game could matter for more than bragging rights.
Watching and following football games are no longer just a simple recreational pastime, a late winning goal
scored in the English Premier League or in the German Bundesliga is no longer worth just three points – for a football fan, it can pay for the next meal.

N2million Bet9ja.com Winner Dies In Calabar

The choice of celebrating with friends after winning in football
betting has claimed it first casualty in Calabar as a man dies after
being poisoned while drinking with friends.

A Brainnews NG source gathered that one Mr. Orok who won 2million Naira at Bet9ja.com,
a football betting company in Calabar died after celebrating with friends at a
drinking joint.

Mr. Orok (Surname withheld) who was also a staff of Bet9ja.com was poisoned by an unknown human who claimed to be
his friend, thereby terminating the future of this young man.

According to a closed friend, Orok died after vomiting blood.

The deceased is a native of Calabar South, a local government
in Cross River State and resides in Mount Zion Lane.

He was buried on the early hours of Tuesday, August
23 2016 at the Goldie Cemetery.

Brainnews NG extends her condolence message to the deceased family and prays for God to give them the grace to bear the lost.