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City: Alkmaar
About Me

imageMusic Skanner crew consists of a bunch of passionate artists and musicians who have a special bond with their instruments.
Because of this, we especially enjoy writing about different equipment, guitars,
drums and any other form of instrument that we think is interesting and worth
our attention.

We are driven by our love for music,
and that is something we are trying to pass on to our
readers. Every piece of gear you see reviewed on our website was noticed by one of our writers or editors, and selected based on the merits it
brings to the user base.

What we are trying to do at Music Skanner is to create one
place online where you can get reliable information about all kinds of
products related to music. In order to do this, we scavenge every bit
of information we can find about any given instrument we write about, and try to come up with
an objective conclusion. It is our mission to give you unbiased reviews and to help
you find what you are looking for.

What kind of content do we offer?
The main thing we are trying to publish are reviews. That is our primary goal.
However, we also have other content that written based on the individual interests of our staff.
Our writers will usually write about certain musicians they admire, or pieces of equipment they hold at high regard.

How far or wide we’ll take our content is yet to be
seen. As long as we fulfill our main goal, we
are free to do whatever comes to mind.

Why should you believe us?
Our reviews, and generally everything we write about is a
result of tedious research. Each of our writers has a background in music,
and has the ability to recognize which products are good, and which
should be avoided. Sure, you can always do your own research, and you should.

But you will find out that your findings are in most cases
going to perfectly align with ours. We pride ourselves in the fact that our work is transparent,
and easily checked for fallacies. All we want to do is create a database of information that will save you, and many others like you, a lot of time as Look at Music Skanner up info about the instrument you are interested in.

Who are we?
We are a small team of passionate artists, musicians and writers who all share the same love for music and
musical instruments. We come from all kinds of
backgrounds, which is one of our main strong points.
In order to introduce you to our staff, here’s a short bio for
each of our members:

Operation Manager – Raphael Taylor
Raphael has been involved in music journalism for the past 15 years.
During that time he has been all over the world covering all kinds of music events,
and interviewing a number of big name authors.
His expertise is irreplaceable, and his knowledge helps guide us all.

Managing Editor – Cathrina Moor
Cathrina has been a guitar enthusiast for the majority of
her life. Even though she’s not a career musician, Cat is a terrific writer and editor.
Her input is something that get’s us through the day smoothly, while she is also known to write
a piece of her own. Cathrina has been with us from the very beginning, and
it’s fair to say that our little crew wouldn’t operate nearly as good without

Editors – Richard Cole & Samantha Lane
Richard and Samantha are our editors. They are the ones who have to deal with all the grammatical and
other kinds of errors that we make as we create our content (we are
all humans after all). Richard is a seasoned guitar player who has spend
a decent amount of time touring the world as a one man show.

His experience is a goldmine of information.

imageSamantha is our gear expert.
She has been the main technician for several big name rock bands, where she took care of their equipment and gear.
Her knowledge of amps, cabinets and stage equipment in general is incredible to say the least.
She is our editor but also someone who guides us when it comes to amplifiers and speaker cabs we write about.

Guitar superstar – Paul Reed
Paul is our guitar expert. Not only can he play guitar like a pro, but he also knows every component of guitars
down to the screws. Paul has been working on guitars for
years, including building his own instruments. His technical knowledge of guitar hardware is what we base most of our guitar related articles
on. If you need information about guitars, you ask Paul.
That’s the deal in our house.

Drums guru – Charles Myers
Charles is our drum guru, the guy who gets coffee every morning for the entire team,
and usually the one who draws the short stick when it comes to daily
chores. His knowledge of drums comes from years of experience in both playing and maintaining all kinds of drum sets.
Paul doesn’t only know drums, he lives drums. If you don’t believe us, just check his inner pockets.
You will usually find a pair of drumsticks in there somewhere.

Software and DJing magician – Steven Sanders
Steven is passionate about two things, technology and writing.
He is our resident DJ gear expert whose knowledge keeps surprising us
every day. Steve is a producer who also performs live in clubs where he plays his
latest creations. When he’s not partying, he is usually either writing or traveling.

These people make Music Skanner. We are a group
of friends who will hopefully help you in your search for your perfect instrument.
Thank you for visiting our website, and enjoy our content.

Website: https://www.musicskanner.com/free-tape-saturation-plugin-achieving-classic-tone/